That would be dope as in dumb. The opposite of fresh/funky/cool.
While finding a flattering blush or lipstick can be a challenge with any skin tone, it's especially hard for the pale.
Katy loves her foundation, big lashes, thick brows, and bold lips, but it’s nice to see her rocking a clean face with just a bit of color. It’s WORKING.
Your hair doesn’t need to be pink to wear these beautiful products, but your hair should probably be pink anyway.
date makeup
The unusually affordable LORAC Blushing Beauty Collection takes the guesswork out of ridiculously pretty makeup.
In which I lead my first tutorial -- and you can finally hear my weird, hybrid accent.
I’m trying to wear a little bit more color to fake a beachy glow. I know you’ve been there too, don’t lie.
cheek tint
We are gathered here today to talk about one of my favorite things: color sticks!