Were we total losers because we didn’t make it 365 days?

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I once wrote a post suggesting 37-year-old “True Blood” stud Alexander Skarsgard and 64-year-old Oscar-winner Meryl Streep were romantically involved, just to see if the rumor would catch on.
I don’t want to be a tattletale, but part of me feels like she should be called out for it!
Aw, remember LiveJournal? I still go back to check on old friends, though it feels like visiting a ghost town (and confronting unpleasant former versions of myself can be ... unpleasant).
The reality of the internet is that people are going to steal your photos to jizz all over them.
One night, as we were “text-fighting,” he texted me with “Lose 10lbs and then talk shit on me.” So I publicly shamed him.
disordered eating
I call bullshit. The “perfect feminist” does not exist, nor should it.
ihtm contest
Almost overnight, I was one of those "blog stars" -- and since it was 2006, that was still a new and distinctive thing to be. It didn't last.
I had the first inkling of “Maaaybe I should slow down on the blogging about my kid” around the time my son turned one-and-a-half and started looking and acting like more of an actual person.
Being the only Julia Pugachevsky in the world, I can't exactly deny that what you see has, in fact, been produced by me.

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It’s just silly and rather closed minded to think, or assume, that the reason why blogs run by women of color or size don’t get the notoriety we deserve is because our blog’s content sucks or it’s poorly designed. Simply put, it’s because I am not white, slim, and pretty.

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being fat all over the internet
It's a special extra terrible feeling to know that not only is your inbox liable to be a minefield of vitriol attacking your very existence, your image is being used to perpetuate racism and other forms of oppression.
Here's the thing about becoming Internet-famous: in my experience, it sort of makes you want to quit the Internet entirely.