Yes, I’ll admit it –- I’m a grown woman who’d rather look good than be sane.
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People never want you to seek help because they feel as if it will be beneficial for you, for your own health. Taking your Prozac makes you more tolerable to them.
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I said yes, I can let you go. But I asked her for three conditions.
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I was fidgety, inattentive, and had a hard time putting together sentences that were longer than one or two words. According to my doctors, this was "good," because it was a sign that my medication was working.
I was better than this, right? People like me were not supposed to feel like this. I may not have looked crazy, but I sure did feel like it.

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There are millions of perfectly functioning, vibrant people out there who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.
Coupled with the fact I'm still kind of depressed/anxious, I'm scared of losing my job and scared that nobody will ever like me and I'll always have to walk into work with that feeling of dread.
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Ultimately I decided that I should stop regarding my mental health as a dirty little secret and just come clean. And so, here I am, writing this article and airing my bipolar disorder to the world.
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There has been plenty of rhetoric about suicide being a “choice,” the implication being that it’s the wrong choice.
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In the weeks that followed, I learned that some said I was “too out there” and didn’t want to hire me.
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I thought that like mayonnaise and Celine Dion, depression was a white thing.
Because we're so similar I can follow his thoughts to some extent, but sometimes it'll just be like “What?! Why has he brought up Douglas Adams eating a book?”
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The circumstances were unclear. He'd been at a friend's house -- an older woman we didn't know -- and he'd been drinking, and someone had called the police, and now he was in jail.