Shopping when you’re shaped differently from the industry standard is a skill -- one I’ve honed through many years of trying on dresses that were too big and too small at the same time.
breast reduction
My average-chested friends couldn’t understand why I would want to downsize.
stand up
I always joke that the horrible night everyone made fun of my boobs was my "Batman" moment.
My breasts scoff at a D cup but I still want cute nighties.

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how not to be a dick
Do not shame me or tell me to stop complaining because I am lucky/endowed/gifted/anything along those lines. I get it.
body image
Are these seriously the depths to which we have descended as a society, that three young women can be turned away from prom for having breasts?
big boobs
My boobs were never welcomed in any workplace in corporate America.
Telling women they need smaller bazongas if they want to avoid bullying is feeding into a larger and really gross culture about women and bodies.
big boobs
A couple of fine shopkeepers are offering a nice half-way point between the giant baggy shirt and the too-tight baby tee with a monkey wearing a backpack on it.
From fourth grade on, I looked like I was about 25 years old.
big boobs
Think of minimizing bras as Spanx for your breasts; your girls will still be there, just packaged better.
This time of year, everybody is trying to unload all of their swim inventory. Which is when we pounce.

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