the frisky
I’d always known I tended to fall into a funk each winter, but experiencing a Florida January without snow made me realize just how tough a time I had each year.
I’ve always avoided pictures of myself, but I shamelessly took a picture of myself mid-vacation, working in the pottery studio. When I posted it on Facebook, I described it as the photo I took because I wanted to remember what I looked like when I was happy.
being kind to yourself
I'm in a relationship with myself, and it's pretty great.
bearded ladies
I currently shave my face at least once a day, first thing in the morning. If I have something important to do in the late afternoon or evening, I bring my kit with me to shave and reapply my makeup at work.
It’s easy to get in a habit of blaming circumstances, situations and people for halting progress in our lives when in actuality, it’s that trait (or two or three) that deserves the bulk of the blame. That’s a hard pill for anybody working toward a bigger goal to swallow.
Looking at Jen Davis across the sudden divide between us, she seems to be saying, "You don't own me." And she is right.
being kind to yourself
Writing seems to be a skill that requires age and experience to be properly honed. And I still don’t think I’m very good.
being kind to yourself
I could have run myself into the ground, trying to write a novel in 30 days. Instead I didn't. Failure is usually a better teacher than success anyway.
being kind to yourself
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