There are some days when I really only want to hang out with fat people. This is why.
Hope you can swim, my fellows in chub -- because now they are kicking us out of countries.
skinny jeans
Skinny jeans you can at least take out of the house. Skinny mirrors...not so much.
six flags
Growing up in Texas, I rode the roller coaster Rosy Esparza died on, and I know -- it could have happened to anyone.
being fat all over the internet
A meme on the internet is at it’s best when it’s charming and vaguely stupid. But this isn’t always the case, because, as time and trolls have proved, the internet has some dark corners.
being fat in the world
You are literally unprepared for this jelly.
friends don't tell friends they're too fat
I am going to take a controversial stance here: Friends are actually supportive of one another, not name-calling, terrible people.
being fat all over the internet
being fat in the world
When I read recently that running on a treadmill can make you fat, it was a quiet shock to the guts like the one I get when I finish eating a personal pizza and discover that I've eaten nine servings in under five minutes.