delicious delicious food
There's no easy answer for how we solve the problem of providing fresh and healthy food for those living close to the line and I wouldn’t dare be so egotistical to suggest I have the solutions. But each bit we try brings us closer to living healthier.
I get high off of bargains, from beating the system. It makes me feel self-sufficient, if not a little self-satisfied.
big boobs
A couple of fine shopkeepers are offering a nice half-way point between the giant baggy shirt and the too-tight baby tee with a monkey wearing a backpack on it.
do this don't
“Alana,” you might say, “Do you think there’s something wrong with wanting to look like a vaguely promiscuous teenager at your haggard old age?” Answer: Duh.
dollar stores
While in Sephora and Duane Reade you have a pretty good handle on what to expect, the Dollar Store is delightfully mysterious.
I’ve almost, ALMOST completely given up on mascara for getting the curled, thick, sexy eyelashes of my dreams. And since I’m too poor for Emily’s beyond gorgeous eyelash extensions, it’s falsies or BUST, man.