being an adult
I have a job and a home and a bank account and I take care of things (living ones! including myself!). But I still don't feel how I'd imagined I'd feel by 36.
owning a home
being an adult
Pestilence! Famine! Sulfur! Cat poop! This one is for the hardcore animal lovers only.
being a grownup
I can't couch surf anymore. Also, I really like sniffing babies.
being an adult
Every week we justify this splurge simply because it makes us happy, and helps us feel like adults who have their shit together, even if we are worried about our careers and student loans every other day of the week.
I had a sewing machine and all my quilting stuff but no clean underwear.
school fights
thought catalog
In postgrad life, all the rage is to be better than you currently are.
being an adult
I had to figure out how to take over our finances in a way that didn't make me feel taken advantage of or make Ed feel like he was being emasculated.
the frisky
Waking up before 7am is hard, but grocery shopping with the crowds is harder.