being a mom
The world of women will not always be a welcoming place, as I learned with my first violent shove into the world of mommy blogging.
native americans
Having a tribal identity was simply not something I was ever exposed to, and to have my first exposure be, “We’re taking your baby and you can’t do anything about it," was shocking.
This time around, job hunting has actually forced me to face some hard truths about my ideas regarding money’s relation to work.
In my new life I was sad (der), sleep deprived, fat, and pee just leaked out of what I assumed was my permanently broken vagina.
I am of the mindset that when your time is all dedicated to helping little humans thrive, it is the most important time in your life to take a minute to brush your hair, put on your favorite lipstick, and rock your favorite heels to continue feeling fabulous.
Often, in the not-so-private corners of my house, I sing out loud with all my might, without a care in the world about who’s listening.
being a mom
Hey, we made bad words that feel good to say. If even adults can't refrain from saying them, how can we expect children to? They are nothing if not line-crossers.