your tango
Naturally, because I have the ability to HEAR, I wanted to cancel, but my commitment to keeping my word stopped me.
beauty pageants
They clipped the oversized crown to my head and placed the sash over me. Three days later, I had a breakdown.
Hurray -- the French Senate has voted to ban kiddie beauty pageants. Meanwhile in America, people are making (and protesting) gross sexual baby onesies ("hung like a preschooler," anyone?).
beauty pageants
Rather than pitting ourselves against beauty queens and mocking the industry, we could talk about how pageants may represent a great opportunity for public relations, outreach, and social change.
As she puts it, “Normal is just a dryer setting,” and she’s setting out to change the way people view autism, and autistics, with her campaign.
beauty pageants
Since my reign, each Miss Teen Malibu has been about 5’8,” PhotoShopped, and tan.
beauty pageants
And Donald Trump is offended that THIS IS THE FIRST SCANDAL EVER TO ROCK HIS MISS UNIVERSE PAGEANT CORPORATION. Well, except for all the others.