long hair
Friction = damage and damage = breakage and breakage = sadface.
It's easy for colored eye makeup to go the route of "fourteen-year-old who was dropped off at the mall by her mom and went to Sephora for a long enough period of time that it was definitely considered loitering."
eye primer
Seriously, you can see the inner workings of my circulatory system.
beauty tips
This hairstyle is is both chic and practical.

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beauty strategies
I don't officially encourage you to skip dermatologist appointments or anything, but duh, I do totally have acne solutions for when you want to.
beauty tips
Puffy, tired-looking eyes plaguing you? I may have a solution.
A few words about this wonderful time of year, PLUS: my favourite beauty product for Fall.
Oh, like what you were doing at 4:45 AM this morning was SOOO much more productive!
beauty tips
Dry winter air can mean a static-y, frizzy mess when it comes to your hair, but I have some solutions to keep any disasters at bay.