gross stuff
Whether it's picking your skin off or picking your nose and wiping it on the wall, I want to hear from YOU.
bad habits
I wish it was just standard sexy dude stuff like chopping wood and getting worked up about people winning sports matches on behalf of your favorite city, but it’s a little worse than that for me.
BRB attempting to live my life like a blank, expressionless robot in order to avoid any eye and forehead furrowing.

Oct 30, 2013 at 4:00pm | 78 comments

If you’re an over-giver … or know someone who is, read on to learn how to extricate yourself from an awkward situation—or stop creating one.
quitting smoking
Stop the cycle of self-destruction and move on with your life like a person who actually cares about your own wellbeing.
clutch magazine
Folks may derive a sense of confidence from various skills or activities they excel in, but how many people actually possess a genuine overall sense positive morale?
bad habits
I’ve never really let anyone look closely at or photograph my hands because I’ve been too ashamed of my nubby digits. After a lifetime of gnawing, I'm finally making nice with my natural nails.