On a scale from 1 to James Franco, the men I’ve dated have been about a John C. Reilly.
One of my and Sean’s agreements is that we don’t hide our stupid little crushes from each other, because hiding it is what seems to give it power.
bad habits
I wish it was just standard sexy dude stuff like chopping wood and getting worked up about people winning sports matches on behalf of your favorite city, but it’s a little worse than that for me.
best friends
Let us finally retire this idea that women just aren't as visual as men and don't care about looks as much. We do! We do! We just haven't historically and culturally had the same freedom to be as shallow.
Ladies, stay gorgeous forever or else your husband might stop loving you, OK? See, a new study concludes that men are happier when married to "good-looking" women. Barf. And duh.
Some of the best sex of my life came from a guy I was embarrassed to leave the house with.
Color me not surprised that men think their female friends all want to bone them.