It is by far the best thing that ever happened to my wardrobe.
low self-esteem
"Maybe you would have a flat stomach if you stopped eating burritos." Maybe I hate you.
your outfits of the week
How am I going to work this trend in to the black hole that is my closet?
Sometimes you spend all your life thinking that you know something when you actually have no idea.
leather jackets
Mine only cost $20 (shhhh), but I style it like nobody's business!
platform wedges
maxi dresses
I came to the depressing realization that it's gonna be quite some time before I can frolic semi-naked in a meadow, so I found other ways to wear a long, sheer dress in the meantime.
They can also hold a lot of stuff while still looking totally cool.

Oct 31, 2013 at 4:00pm | 70 comments

Not only is a blazer an exceptionally grown-up item to have, it also goes with basically anything -- and has the amazing ability to elevate a meh outfit.
your outfits of the week
This one is about me because we are not in the office this week and I've spent the past five days alone.
You know those looks that you love on other people but can’t figure out how to incorporate into your own day-to-day life?
Halfway through there is a soundtrack because I couldn't help myself.
One of the best press previews I attended last autumn, when spring seemed like…

May 16, 2012 at 3:30pm | 13 comments

Because everyone loves a two-for-the-price-of-one deal!
This deep sea material is now making a splash in non-water environments near you.