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It can’t not be specific to a gender. Whomever you use it against, the slur is meant to imply someone who behaves like a difficult woman.
anthony weiner
Should you find yourself saying this stuff -- even though you really shouldn't be in the first place -- you definitely should confirm you're off the record when you say it.
live tv
As some of you guys pointed out in the comments of an older article, I was a punkass bitch for not going on MSNBC when Melissa Harris Perry invited me last year.
anthony weiner
According to the media, Anthony Weiner has apparently been wearing brightly colored trousers to campaign events to wrangle the "gay" vote. Because the only thing queers are concerned with are a suuuuper cute pair of Dockers.
anthony weiner
While we at xoJane generally opt to pluck stories from headlines of our own cuh-razy lives, sometimes we just have to comment. Which we know, is what THEY want from us. Damn.
anthony weiner
Now that we know the Twitter crotch-shot of Rep Weiner was user error while harassing women online, can we stop the jokes?

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