With a shelter animal being killed every 11 seconds in the U.S. alone, buying a dog just doesn’t make sense to me anymore, and if it makes sense to you, you need to read this.
If I let him out for exercise, Fluffy crawls behind the furniture and hides. If I so much as blow in his direction he flinches. I can’t help but wonder if as his “parents” we have robbed our poor guinea pig of his optimism, his sense of adventure and his appetite for life.
For a long time, I loved animals too much to feel OK about eating them. Then a nutritionist suggested I try eating some poultry for mental health reasons. I did -- and now I feel guilty for loving it.
animal rights
Walking a cat is surprisingly easy. One simple rule: Bring treats.
animal rights
I have lots of problems with PETA. This is just the most recent one.
animal rights
Owning a pittie has become a political statement.

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