Keeping my hands occupied improves my focus greatly; with a simple enough project, I can watch movies with my full attention, never looking down at the needles.

Mar 22, 2014 at 9:00am | 90 comments

how not to be a dick
People with ADHD have gotten the “why don't you just pay attention/try harder/get organized” speech by well meaning and not so well meaning strangers, friends and family members hundreds of time.
The older I get, the more extreme my absent-mindedness has become and I'm honestly starting to wonder if something is vaguely WRONG WITH MY BRAIN.
Many loved ones had names for my problem: Slothy Slothiness. Another Day in the Life of Disaster Girl. The Anna Show, Where the Rest of Us Can Only be Extras. The actual name for what I had was ADHD.

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Or should I just keep handing him twenty dollar bills?
My kid was always “that kid.” You know the one: the biter, the hitter, the pincher.

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Oh, you don't take Adderall? Cool, then just forward on this link to the nine friends in your email address book that do.
Oh, like what you were doing at 4:45 AM this morning was SOOO much more productive!
I love power walks! But it's gross where I live.

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