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Awareness about water issues is laughably low in much of the United States, which is maybe why people think this meme is funny and lighthearted, or that the symbolism of wasting a bucket of water isn't a big deal.
For some transmasculine people, who may have years or decades of experience being treated as women, there is a nuance to our interactions with women that runs a little deeper.

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street harassment
Most of the commenters thought that I should consider myself “lucky” to be street harassed and that I should take it as a compliment because of how unattractive I am.
Normally, I’ll give the wrong phone number because dating is difficult -- even for women who don’t have HIV.
Mick Foley took the inspiration he gets from Tori Amos’ music to turn himself into the poster boy for the unlikely feminist activist.
An advocate who chooses to say “not all” is very different from a peanut gallery dweller who tromps around the internet in their “not all” boots.

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Wear makeup or don't, I don't give a damn. But don't pretend that the decision deserves a gold star for helping someone in need.
Pussy Riot made international news and brought awareness to the injustices of modern Russian government, but while they were at it, they also pissed off and confused a bunch of innocent church-goers, likely even hurting their cause.

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People participate in social justice hashtags because of their invested interest in them, and not because I simply tell people to join. My personal friends as well as my Twitter community really carried the conversation.

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Joanna Schroeder explains the horrible and inevitable outcome of using Native images and names as mainstream team mascots, as displayed by an Alabama high school last weekend.
revenge porn
An hour later, I received a follow-up email. “It’s 8:15 where you are. You have until 8:37 to reply. Then I start the distribution.”
Short answer: because a tiny part of me is afraid of being uncool.
But I'm going to do something about that.
A topless woman in public, to some men, is “asking for it.” As in, she’s inviting harassment.
getting pregnant with michelle tea
I found this great chart that lists all of the local therapists that do take my insurance, and I opened it up and got overwhelmed. There are so many of them! How do I make my choice?
Even though I’m totally pumped to be marrying my super sexy soul mate, my relationship with the whole marriage thing is pretty complicated.
She’s not the only young woman speaking out about birth control, body image, and a host of other issues that affect teens, and yet she’s constantly hearing the message that there are no young feminists, and no politically engaged youth.
Hey, nothing like trying to make your college campus a better place and getting rape threats for your trouble.
sex work
It's frustrating that the biggest days for our respective communities are really depressing.
Assailed by lists of obvious advice, shiny happy content with the nutritional value of bubble gum, and cutesy sign-off graphics, I retreated to the grumpy lady corner of the Internet with cookies and the feeling that this wasn’t how fat activism was meant to be.
Maybe, just possibly, teens are more badass than we give them credit for.

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