abusive relationships
To cover up my circumstances, I would share and comment on articles on my Facebook and Twitter timelines detailing how domestic abuse needs to be talked about.
rescue dogs
If Penelope could walk around and do her thing, make friends and continue to be sweet and affectionate, then it was on me to get over my misery and move forward.
abusive relationships
How would you guys talk to a friend who is in a dark place mentally and doesn't think she has a problem?
Movies show suicide as a romantic drift into nothingness. None of that is real.
Making up for a relationship oopsie with a gift -- flowers, bling, fancy dinners -- is pretty much a romantic norm in our culture.
domestic violence
Real love between two healthy people respects boundaries, shares the burden of blame when things go wrong, and works to find a way to work things out without verbal abuse or rage.
She came out with this bag full of groceries, and told me that the food and milk was for the girls and me to eat over the next three days. I don’t remember a time in my life when I ever felt more grateful.
abusive relationships
The day after we broke up, not only did he change the locks on our shared condo, he also emptied our bank accounts and left me drowning in debt.
name calling
The follow-up story to what happened after my friend's boyfriend completely unleashed on me.
For every outraged indigence about "trampling" on the second amendment, with every word and breath, I am that young woman again, sitting in her truck in a parking lot, alone except for a 911 operator.
The majority of the abuse was emotional. Sometimes I was a fucking slut, sometimes I was a stupid bitch whore, sometimes my friends were fat, ugly cunty bitches.
He needs me, I kept stupidly telling myself. If I leave him, who will understand him and his Asperger’s like I do?