planned parenthood
Being a vagina owner and operator these days is getting increasingly scary.
getting pregnant with michelle tea
I made it through my wedding without having a natural miscarriage all over my ivory J Crew wedding gown.
abortion clinics
Those bitches were fat-shaming me! I was stunned. I needed kindness, not nurses analyzing my BMI.
North Carolina: You will not be able to stop women from getting abortions. It is the law of the land, and I am proof that women will get them regardless of how you try to force us to carry to term against our will.
A couple years ago, on my commute to work, I was met by a poster featuring a glum-faced woman staring blankly at me, “I thought life would be like the way it was before,” it read. Then: “Abortion changes you.” No, it didn’t, I remember thinking at the time. Speak for yourself.
If you went in for an abortion today, would you know what to expect? Would you have any clue what the process would be like? Probably not.