mass murder
The trouble is, when white folks hear "racism," we tend to take it really personally, as an accusation, or as a challenge. But it's less about us, individually, than it is about the culture in which we participate, and which collectively we have some power to change.

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I filmed myself and put the videos on YouTube in a series called “A Fat Girl Dancing.” Suddenly, one of my videos went viral and my inbox exploded.
Yes, there are some fat women in some media sometimes. But hasn't that always been the case? I'm sharing my top five fat-lady media role models.

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I’m embarrassed by the fact that I expect this sort of behavior. I should expect more, we all should.
It's called Autonomous Sensory Meridian Reponse, and it can give you tingling in the limbs, a feeling of warmth or what is known as a "braingasm."

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Rely on Baz Luhrmann to murder your high school lit class memories without a backward glance.
Other items that perk me up include ice coffee the size of my head, and all of the cookies that there are.
self care
On one hand, I was just about able to survive -- but on the other, I was running myself ragged.
The words ‘Harriet Tubman Sex Tape’ first stank up my Twitter feed in the middle of an otherwise calm afternoon, and I really couldn’t believe my eyes. I clicked on a tweet about it and the still images alone turned my stomach.
The latest in Sigur Rós short film project stars Shia LaBoeuf....'s genitalia. And that's all anybody seems to think you want to know.

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I love New York. Only here can you meet some dude in line at a comedy show and the next week see his video blow up online.

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How do we stop this? Can we stop this?

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call me maybe
Apparently Cookie Monster, like so many of us, spends his days employed in a cube farm. I don't know if this newfound knowledge is reassuring or really, really depressing.
clutch magazine
Just in time for the November 30th application deadline, a group of black students are speaking out about the lack of diversity at UCLA, particularly when it comes to black male students.
Creating a one-minute declaration of self-love forced me to be vulnerable. I cried after I read my poem aloud for the first time. I cried even more after I edited all the footage.

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downton abbey
brian mcknight
What's really making me want to rip off his goddamned eyelids is the idea that he is going to show ME how MY pussy works.