Everyone's furious that Taylor Swift doesn't consider herself a feminist. I say: Leave the girl alone.
cultural appropriation
With so many popular, dynamic, and varied young female artists jumping at the chance to capitalize on cultures that are fundamentally not their own, it’s getting increasingly difficult to shrug this trend off.
the frisky
Let me ask you if that question would ever in one million years be asked about a young man like Justin Bieber or Nick Jonas or Taylor Lautner? Of course not. Because they are men. They and their man-testosterone are supposed to play the field.
Her love songs are great, but her breakup songs are the best breakup songs I’ve ever heard. They make your pain seem epic and noble –- like you’re the last person with a heart of gold left in a world of unbelievable idiots.
sulphate-free shampoo
Daddy issues be damned, one would be hard-pressed to find a relationship in the average girl’s life more contentious than that of herself and her hair.
cougar town
While poor East Coasters bravely prepared for and endured the storm, I was in cushy Malibu.
celebrity fragrances
I have a sort of odd fascination with Taylor Swift, and this new perfume isn't helping.
I've never seen a bad picture of this girl.

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The awesome beauty products, new and old, that helped me survive the drudgeries of this weird-ass year.