While I can't honestly say I stay in on NYE because I am legitimately afraid of being killed by a falling bullet hitting me in the brains, my preference for a quiet evening in spent cleaning my kitchen does have its benefits.
The very best fashion mashups always include a healthy dose of down-home style.
new year's eve
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dating disasters
It was well after midnight on New Year’s Eve when I realized the sensitive, geeky man I had started dating was actually a self-centered whack-job.
Above all, my lovely readers, have fun, stay safe, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Headache-related nausea has caused me to barf in more bizarre public places than I care to name.
being alone
I declare December 31 a holiday just as fit for quiet and reflection and snacking alone as for partying until you are sick.
I mostly blame Matthew McConaughey for any and all dashed dreams.
Whether or not you have a New Year's kiss picked out, this guide will help you sort out your pale, chapped lips.