Should I assume LA just isn't a place for people past a certain pants size?
I have officially dated so many men in my five years in Los Angeles, I am now on re-runs.
Immediately after I get hair extensions, I begin to apologize for them.

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los angeles
san francisco
I've been to 6 out of 7 continents and have always dreamt of California, but somehow it's just never happened. So now, I'm doing it. Solo. What should I do there?
The more I started trying to make them believe I was depressed, the worse I felt about myself.
I decided to finally start listening to my own heart or head or whatever. And it's telling me, "California."
I’m embarrassed by the fact that I expect this sort of behavior. I should expect more, we all should.
los angeles
I'm comin' atcha from the sweltering West Coast this week, which is exactly why I have a bad case of Reader Jacket Envy.
“Nice blue outfit, lady”. The voice is coming from behind me, it sounds like a menacing Michael Jackson. It’s Spongebob Squarepants. Almost.
los angeles
And while you're at it, tell me if you believe in ooky-ooky-spooky stuff too.
I think the most excellent and mature decision of my adult life was to start skateboarding at 36 years old.
the frisky
One minute, I’m minding my own business, eating kale and looking at babes or whatever and the next, I’m being fat-shamed by a wardrobe assistant on the set of a Dove commercial that I somehow ended up getting cast in.
Shopping for a living is a pretty sweet setup -- I get to go to cool boutiques every day under the guise of "research" and see what’s new.
I'm going to buy some new glasses and your vote will decide!

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