mental illness
With each new request, I feel this extreme conflict internally. How petty to resent him wanting to stay over when he says he feels “unsafe” at his home.
The problem here wasn’t with the makeup, but with who was wearing it.
multiple sclerosis
Julian mentioned experiencing suicidal ideation in previous years, but had assured me that this was a thing of the past.
Let's be clear here: Russia has long had a history of not being terribly gay-friendly, and that's been escalating in recent years.
in the closet
I learned that I could identify as gay on the inside, and that was safe.
ellen page
As a fellow Canadian, I always felt like I was watching Ellen Page grow up before my eyes. Now, after her inspiring public coming-out speech on Friday, I admire her even more.
thought catalog
The woman also reached for her phone and began calling the police while spouting, “Imma have them lock you up for a hate crime if you touch me.”
the good men project
The only hardships of growing up with a gay dad came from society, not from my wonderfully queer home.
Wherever you are in the world, I dare you to get your rainbow on this weekend and show your support.