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If you're new around here, this is the Weekend Open Thread and anything goes!
I have found over my 49 years on this earth that I am happier with fewer things. Which is why I'm giving mine away to you.
There is some pain that doesn't ever go away. Because as much as I never want to get married, I was happily engaged once.
The former star of "Growing Pains" and that infamous Lifetime movie is no longer scared of food, the Same 5 Questions We Always Ask, or your even more probing ones (Kirk Cameron's evangelism!)
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For the first time in years I'm rocking my violin and getting back on stage.

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What answers should Jane give on Joy Behar tonight? Plus, see the outfit YOU chose for her TV outfit for life.

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Witness Jane demonstrate her violin prowess, live, October 4th!
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The "Roseanne" creator, staunch feminist and macadamia nut farmer tweets nude, tells an amazing Ted Bundy-Debbie Harry story and wants to make out with Cher.
fran drescher
Fran Drescher is the only celebrity who hasn't said "pass" on a single question in this old JANE magazine series. She's awesome.
Welcome to the first Twitter Blind Date, our experimental new feature in which we send two singles out and make them live-tweet their impressions of each other.
Hey, intellectual readers! Our first pick is Jesse James' "American Outlaw." Won't you read along with us?
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  So I got my phone back after three days and got…

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family drama
In an area you don't know and that some taxi drivers have…

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