You may have heard my story, thanks to Anonymous who trended #justice4daisy. I'm not done fighting yet.
comic books
If you’re not threatened with rape, you’re told you’re not qualified, you’re not good enough, you’re not welcome here.
Nothing quite gets to me like walking into a restaurant or store and being greeted with, “Hello, Ladies,” especially when the person I’m with is male identified.
class issues
I'm poor enough that I have to choose between food and toilet paper, but not poor enough for food stamps, apparently.
Meeting Jeff was a turning point, because he made me realise that racists are not just overblown caricatures of evil but come in every shape and form, and sometimes you trust them enough to get into bed with them, only to be subject to their attacks.

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I know it's not youth-culture-worshipping-approved, but I will be the first to tell you that I will be 40 in three years. I am not "perpetually 30," and I'm just fine with getting a little help from Botox along the way.

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I never expected to go home with him for the holidays this year, nor did I expect any of our kisses to begin with Kay. But as much as I’ve seen photos of his family members and know their names, I did kind of expect that at least one of them might come to know mine.
Unfortunately, according to their owner, that's NEVER going to happen. (The all caps are his.)
animal testing
Reason #1: It is a movie whose plot hinges on the very real dangers of illegal abortion.
vagina vagina vagina
I hate to admit that I was jealous of a three year old. Even writing it now I feel ashamed.
It’s hard not to drop the laundry basket and ask, “What the hell am I doing here?”
sexual attention
I DO find sexual attention immensely validating, and that plays into everything from the way I dress to my choice of career.
game of thrones
Watching the horrifying scene was painful, but I felt confident that it would spark some sort of online discussion about rape. It did -- but not the one I was expecting.
Women look sexy and feel sexy when they're being themselves. If a dude is turned off by my bold lip, wait until he gets a load of my bold personality.

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99 problems
Christina Aguilera says "99 Problems" is derogatory toward women, everybody feels a little guilty for loving it so much.
Do you spend tons on your pets? Or do you think spending lots of money on animals is ridiculous?
Pretty much anytime someone I know lands a new book deal, after my initial feelings of being incredibly happy for them have abated, I think, “LESLEY WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU LESLEY WHY HAVEN’T YOU SOLD A SECOND BOOK YET LESLEY.” This is Erfolgtraurigkeit.
I'm a huge advocate of women talking about money -- and their salaries specifically -- loudly and publicly as a means of fighting the gender wage gap.

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acquaintance rape
She confirmed what the hair on my arms already knew: My best friend just got hit on by my attacker.
Making the point that people with jobs in journalism have no business speculating about the truthfulness of rape allegations is well worth losing some steady work over.
health insurance
I am paying $130 per month for the privilege of not getting health care.

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