I had packed on the pounds over the past few months, but as a newlywed who had just resumed eating like a sane person after a summer’s worth of dieting, that was to be expected, right?
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IUDs are the most popular form of contraception worldwide and the least popular in the United States. I'm sensing some disconnect here.
No forgetting to take my pills, remove or insert a contraceptive ring, or deal with the visits for the shot or an insertion of an implant. 8-10 years of efficacy? Less than 1% failure rate? What's not to love?

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Within a few days I started really feeling like crap. Like sick in bed and exhausted by breathing kind of crap. I called the advice nurse several times. On each of these calls I made a point of telling the nurse that I had just gotten an IUD and asked if it could be related.
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In some ways it feels like I’m still living with my parents, still having my lifestyle affected by other’s religious beliefs. But this time the effect is on an employed, educated adult and the beliefs come from my father’s employer.
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I got a new IUD put in. It didn't go that well.
My family fantasy centered around me, a feminist dude partner, and two adopted daughters that I could call Mary and Margot after my favorite lady monarchs. Our home would ooze estrogen and empowered ladyhood.

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The human body is a miracle! Let's stuff things into it.
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Donor kids suffer from a higher rate of depression, addiction and crime, regardless of the economic standing of their family.
getting pregnant with michelle tea
I am bizarrely proud of myself and immediately want Marina to hang out in the room praising me for nonsense all day. The best patient!