Sometimes I feel like you're all supportive and open... except when it comes to "Daisy." *meow meow meow*
Love knows no borders. The British government does, though.
Should I assume LA just isn't a place for people past a certain pants size?
This was before eVite and Facebook RSVPs. If you wanted to send an invitation, you’d better get an address and a stamp
The worst part? We're sharing a vacation house for the next four months.
bad haircuts
If I had shaved my head out a desire to try something new it would have been different. But I did it because a stranger offered me a lot of money.
It has nothing to do with skin color and everything to do with cultural upbringing. But if we’re going to talk about stereotypes, then I will have to declare from personal experience: Asian men are the best ones to date.
During the first couple of weeks in my cocoon, I was a walking nervous breakdown: There was nothing to distract me from all of the stupid things I’d done to get in my own way, which was an overwhelming epiphany.
ihtm raw
You may be thinking, "So what? You married a virgin?" That’s not what I mean. My husband was a virgin when we got married almost a year ago and still is.
When I opened my bedroom door around 7:15 one Friday morning after spending the night at my boyfriend's apartment, I found a drunk stranger sleeping in my bed and he did not want to leave.
How could my cherished and super-lovely professional boyfriend have pined for a woman who made a career out of selling sex?

 And if she fucked guys for a living, was she far better in bed than me?
Coming face-to-face with an Internet troll in real life was something I didn’t think would ever happen.
When this story is repeated, the listener always exhibits complete disbelief.
I shivered on the table as she, this total stranger who was about to examine my vagina, condemned and disparaged my most private battle. I was already laid bare, literally, making me feel enormously vulnerable and awkward.
The morning of our date, I got up early. I put on a dress and did my hair really nicely. And then you finally got to my house, and you were wearing sweatpants.
ihtm contest
My story is about what I went through, trying and failing to protect her and the tragic inaction by police, social workers and the family court system that created a nightmare I never thought we’d escape.
My brother is incarcerated, charged with manslaughter. And it's my fault.
I’m a human being that deals with mental illness in self-destructive ways, not a bunch of orifices for you to poke because you think my reckless treatment of my body somehow cancels out my autonomy over it.
Sorry, guys, but our bodies can be just as gross and unpredictable as yours, no matter how much you'd prefer to pretend otherwise.
drug addiction
You know when you're underwater, and you need to come up for a breath? That's heroin withdrawal, only not exactly, because it's worse.
health issues
I had been told by several doctors, at this point, that it was likely all in my head. I was a young woman, a high achiever, type A, Ivy-Leaguer, who probably was stressed and my body was shutting down.
Her bedroom consisted of my chair, a mattress with sheets, a towel, a bottle of lotion and a bottle of lube. At different times I found lingerie, a Valentine’s Day stuffed animal, and a poorly written high-school assignment marked 70 percent.