I find myself losing patience more and more with pronouncements from larger fatties that THEIR bodies are plus size bodies while other bodies don't count.
body image
Fat-shaming has been a popular topic on this site, and I’ve avoided the topic like an out of state parking ticket, but I have something to say, now.
chub rub
The concentrated messaging the instant you walked through the door was that fat women could also be stylish and sexy, dammit, and if you didn't believe in the possibility of that, you were in the wrong store.
Those of you who don't work at home in a dark cave of loneliness are probably shopping for dresses for holiday parties, right? PLEASE TELL ME ABOUT WHAT LIFE IS LIKE OUTSIDE.
Just more evidence that fashion doesn’t know what to do with fat women, except to deploy them to tick some vague box marked “diversity.”
Assailed by lists of obvious advice, shiny happy content with the nutritional value of bubble gum, and cutesy sign-off graphics, I retreated to the grumpy lady corner of the Internet with cookies and the feeling that this wasn’t how fat activism was meant to be.
asos curve
Horizontal stripes and me: reunited and it feels so good.
Never ever show off your body, cover up, “flatter,” hide - that’s what fat women are told on a constant basis in the guise of “fashion advice."
plus size models
I have a hard time being mad at Tara Lynn -- she's not an activist and she's soaking in the fashion world.
plus size
Because fatties should be able to look like delicious giant cupcakes on their wedding day, too.
do this don't
Hold on you guys because I am about to BLOW your MINDS with how awesome this look can be.
It's cold out, you're fat, you have a weirdly specific sense of quirky style that often corresponds with mine, WHAT DO YOU DO? Answers within.
Seriously, if you work with me, you can skip this post. It's about underwear and, well, you know. Awkward.
It's been three months since my last fatshion post and it seems I haven't gotten any better at them in the meantime.

Mar 7, 2013 at 9:00am | 182 comments

I literally spent ALL DAY assembling this list for you so YOU HAD BETTER APPRECIATE IT.
I started blogging because I wanted to inspire women and now the thing I think about the most when posting outfit photos is "How likely are these photos to turn on some creepy guy and make him desire to tell me about it?"
Ohhhh my god, why are plus size workout clothes so boring?