What’s with this whole short hair having to be styled to look cute thing?
I once ran into a girl at Coachella who recognized me from a Yeah Yeah Yeahs show three months before purely because I was wearing the same fancy earrings. If that isn't making an impression, I don't know what is.
statement jewelry
I paired four basic summer outfits that I rotate a lot with my biggest, flashiest earrings -- and I think it made a world of difference.
Are mismatched jewels tacky and cheap, or the perfect way to get your orphaned jewelry back out on the town?
There are no dirty pearl-necklace jokes in this article. Sorry, Mom.
bing bang
I'm starting to hoard teeny-tiny, simply-designed (and sometimes skull-adorned) jewelry and I CAN'T GET ENOUGH.
beaded jewelry
Because what other kind of jewelry are you going to wear in the summer? Gold and silver??? (Yeah, actually, me too.)
black friday
And piercings in general! I want loads more right now, like a rebellious teenager.