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I offer rules for non-Black people to engage Black women without causing offense. If you can manage NOT to do the following, you can probably come across as a decent human being.
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Some folks may be made uncomfortable by “Honey Boo Boo” because it challenges their association of thin, shining, educated middle-classness with whiteness and Southern accents, fatness and poverty with blackness.
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Not everyone got that some little black girl going to school in Elizabeth, NJ was so into heavy metal.
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"Skin toning,” as it’s called in Nigeria, is big business. According to the World Health Organization, nearly 77-percent of Nigerian women, the highest percentage in the world, use skin-lightening products on a regular basis.
Quit shaming single women over 30.
I really try not to get annoyed but some of these things are just too much.
Despite the evidence (or lack thereof), “legal justice” takes on a bizarre new meaning within the intersection of fame and infamy.
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Even a teacher once asked if there was a dollar sign in her name.
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I look at it this way. If I’m at an intersection on a busy street, and to the right of me is a homeless person with a donation cup and to the left of me is Spike Lee holding his cup, guess who’s getting my money?
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It’s time these stunning, ass whoopin’ superheroines got some shine.
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I’ve learned from self-evaluation and retrospect that we will all face physical insecurities at one point or another. But you either love it, deal with it, fix it, or die inside from irrational feelings of inadequacy -- take your pick.
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To everyone else constantly sprouting thoughtless, meaningless “love your body, love yourself” jargon without nuance, f*** off.
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I believe that it shouldn’t matter who adopts children in the foster care system, as long as they’re given a chance to get out of the system, but I do feel that if a couple does venture out to adopt a child or another ethnicity, there should be some type of ethnic & cultural sensitivity training involved.
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Are articles like these genuine cautionary tales for young women who think too highly of themselves or believe they can change time-honored rules and avoid the maybe tragic ending that comes to women who don’t just settle down, but settle too? All of the above?
According to a lawsuit filed by three former Target warehouse employees, their workplace environment was no bueno.
Just when you thought appropriation done by the likes of Miley Cyrus was bad, in Japan, teens who are so enamored with their version of “Black” culture have made a name for themselves: B-Stylers.
We think that knowing someone via social media is the same as knowing who they really are, so we dismiss the value of face-to-face interaction.
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Just in time for the November 30th application deadline, a group of black students are speaking out about the lack of diversity at UCLA, particularly when it comes to black male students.
Before you mark a move-in date on your calendar or put 3 Big Dudes and a Truck on reserve, consider 3 ways to protect what’s yours whether love is up or down.
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I had heard horror stories from the 50-year-olds and up ranging from the nurse twists your breasts into weird angles to she slams the plates down on your breasts. But I dismissed those tales as nothing but ridiculous exaggerations. Mere myths.
If you get a style that compliments your face shape and lifestyle, you’ll feel like a million bucks.

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It’s not anything to be proud of to be a token. It’s just yet another reminder of how real the glass ceiling is for women and people of color.