Acts of self-naming seem more than reasonable -- they’re self-affirming, somewhat instinctive and protective. They show an ownership of one’s own narrative. They make complete sense to me.
It's much harder to trace a black person’s heritage back to Africa or elsewhere before slavery.
That narrative of dark-skinned pain is not everyone’s story, and it certainly isn’t mine.

May 20, 2014 at 12:00pm | 125 comments

It’s in the way I hear some of my older relatives refer to African Americans, criticizing them and calling them “blacks,” as if they are not black themselves.
One of Angela's last texts to me said, "I love you so much Alexis. Now go out there and be funny."
mental health
I thought that like mayonnaise and Celine Dion, depression was a white thing.
There were many times when I thought it was too hard being the only African American in American Ballet Theatre’s company for a decade.