You helped me start tweeting, so you get your free stuff!

I always keep my promises to you, so you randomly-picked winners will be receiving your free goodies -- stickers! time with me! whatever else I promised!

Jan 23, 2012 at 7:15pm | Leave a comment

We have picked the winners in my little @JanePratt Twitter contest.  You were randomly chosen out of my first 1000 followers (dislike that word for you, but there it is). Since you were my first, of course I love you the best.* So if your twitter handle is listed below, please email your addresses and put I Followed Jane And Won Some Crap in the subject line. Sorry Bryan.


Winner of the Fancy Grand Prize:


Laura, come hang out with us.  We can get lunch or drinks, go shopping, go to a museum, or have a nice long talk at my apartment. You can also politely decline and pawn me off on one of your friends.


The First (Oh, who am I to rank them) Prize Winners: 



Andrea, Heather and Katy will receive an xoJane care package complete with beauty goodies, fashion items, and other weird little nuggets of delight. 


The following 30 will receive sexy xoJane stickers and a personal note from me (do you care??):


Trixie Lowrider @trixielowrider 


*Though of course I launched ANOTHER contest with a big electronic-y prize to go to someone who helps me get to the magical number of 3273. So go for it! We are about half-way there!

The best part about tweeting so far is helping you guys out with whatever you're going through in this very immediate way. What to wear? Who to sleep with? What to yell back at your boss? Etc etc. I definitely cannot (well, never say can't but you'd probably prefer I don't) do that really great one-liner-comedian-thing which Twitter is such a perfect medium for (@MrHoratioSanz@BoobsRadley, and @SarahKSilverman, you rule it). If you include hashtag #janehelp when you tweet me, I'll give you advice on whatever. And stay tuned for my next Twitter Chat --I would love for you to participate.

This is one post where I don't need to end with "follow me on Twitter @JanePratt." But I did anyway!