8 Things I Couldn't Get Anyone To Write About This Week

Oh, they never listen to me. What do you think about these potential topics? Scintillating, no? No?

Oct 6, 2012 at 9:00am | Leave a comment


This is an old photo of me in my office and, damn it, I can't find this sweater anywhere. I seem to have finally gotten rid of my moth problem in order to give you all the clothes I promised you like last year and now where is this thing? It was in the "unscathed" pile. Hmmmmmmmmm

Here goes the line-up of what we DIDN'T cover on xoJane this week, no matter how lovingly the ideas were presented. Which would you want to read about? And what else are you doing this weekend besides reading this? I have ZERO plans. 

Luvs celebrates public breastfeeding.

DIsney's "I Am a Princess" campaign.

Beauty blunders that could cost you your job.

The rise of the pushy fashion parent.

Phone-charging purse.

Google search history subpoenaed from victim in rape case.

Just FYI, Pinterest is killing feminism.

We finally figure fashion out at 57.



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