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Some gems from today's senior editor applications. People could send in examples of made-up headlines for made-up stories they thought would be right for or actual headlines they'd had published or a mix of the two. The published ones were way more offensive in their use of bad puns. So maybe it is the editors' faults.


Making Scents

Change of a Dress

Wrist Taker

Prints Charming

And the list just goes on and on. How many times do you think the headline Prints Charming has been used throughout the years? I would say way way too many times, for sure.

When I worked at TeenAge magazine before starting Sassy, all my headlines were bad puns. I particularly remember a story about, I think, Little Steven Van Zandt (why we covered him in a feature in a magazine for teenage girls is another question, but I was the entertainment editor, so I think I did it) entitled "The Three Faces Of Steve." I never would have given myself the job I'm hiring for.

The only pun I let get through at Sassy was the headline, about a polygamist: This Cat Has Nine Wives. Cause it was so bad that it was good. And cause I thought it was okay to let just one through, and the brilliant Christina Kelly had written it. And then no puns at Jane magazine (feel free to tell me if I'm wrong or high and we ran a pun that I am forgetting). Portmaneaus are even better than these old things.