Penis-In-The-Sink Washers, Unite!

If you've washed just your penis in the sink (or know someone who has), please weigh in below. A.k.a., Am I crazy?
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If you've washed just your penis in the sink (or know someone who has), please weigh in below. A.k.a., Am I crazy?

This is my favorite recent JaneRadio clip, partly 'cause I sound so nutso. What do you think?

Jane: Here’s a tweet that came in. It says: “I caught my husband washing only his genital area after coming home from work one day, why would he do this, what is he doing?”

Okay, I’m trying to figure out how you caught him. I guess you walked into the bathroom and he was washing. I am going to say that I actually do have some experience with that, of seeing a guy through the bathroom door, washing his penis in the sink. And I’m going to tell you that I think that it means that he is cheating on you. If anyone wants to call me and disagree, if any men have washed their penises in the sink and want to tell me that it means something different, please call me. Not trying to make light if you disagree. But I think it means, I would say most likely he got a blow job from a prostitute. It’s funny because Tonya, who’s sitting here, she’s saying, “God that was so specific,” but I really can’t see what else it could mean. Tonya’s saying, “Maybe he’s just lazy and doesn’t want to do the whole job.”

We’re getting a ton of callers here so clearly a lot of people disagree with me. But I think it’s worth looking at whether he isn’t getting something from someone else where it would have just affected the penis area and was afraid that you would smell it or find out about it. Greg, on line 3, you’re on with Jane Pratt, are you a penis-in-the-sink washer?

Greg: Yes, absolutely.

Jane: All right.

Greg: Sometimes you’re out, you know, it’s hot, it’s been a long day and you know, you come home and maybe in anticipation that you’re gonna have a romantic encounter with your wife later on in the night, you know, you just want to be clean.

Jane: Ohhh, interesting. Well, that’s a much nicer take on it than mine was. Okay, so you’ve done that and here you are. Okay, that’s good, another way for her to look at it. Maybe you just want to be clean for her.

Greg: That’s right.

Jane: Okay, so part of it would depend on how he’d behave if he saw that she caught him, maybe if he acted skittish, that might mean one thing….

Greg: Correct.

Jane: But if he gave her a look like he wanted to have sex with her, that might be another thing.

Greg: There you go.

Jane: All right, thank you Greg! Penis-in-the-sink washer…