8 Topics I Couldn’t Get Anyone To Write About This Week, Including Why You May Want To Stop Instagramming Your Cat

Should I make one of these mandatory? If so, which one??

Jul 26, 2014 at 3:00pm | Leave a comment


This is the top I was wearing when Emily said I dress like a 12-year-old boy. I don't know what inspired me to put that red scrunchie on my wrist.

Lesley, Emily and I are pretty good at convincing our regular contributors to write about the topics we think you will think are interesting, but sometimes they're just not inspired by our suggestions. And that’s generally OK, because I’d rather they write about stuff they're passionate about. Besides, the rest of the internet has covered some of our subject matter quite well this week:
Do any of these stories inspire you? Are you surprised one of these topics didn’t light a fire under a specific contributor’s butt? If so, which one (both topic and butt)?
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