Working From Anywhere, Part 3572

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That's my niece Lily and, of course, the one and only Charlotte, at my mom's house. And my airbook, Of Course. I am not much of a planner and, as you know, rarely know what date or time it is (see missing boyfriend's bday two years in a row). I don't generally plan vacations either (have gotten last-minute Visas more than once -- an expensive habit) and find myself often somewhere in between. Working from anywhere. Which, workaholic that I am, I enjoy. (That just reminded me that I left Jane magazine with approximately 167 unused vacation days. My current company has the super smart policy of unlimited vacation days, so I will never know.) Now I forget where I was going with that. That's what happens when you take the scenic route. Speaking of which, who here has been tested for ADHD? Anyway, I've had a productive day. And you? X and O