Kim and Kanye Kept Me Up All Knight

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And that is my excuse for the worst ever headline in the history of not only my personal thousands of lifetime headlines but also of all headlines ever written in the history of headline writing.

Not only that, these texts between me and Marci are a cornucopia of obnoxious name drops.

So bash me for any and all of that below (along with some braggadociousness about living among the rich and famous, which I now potentially turned into humble bragging by calling it out?) or just enjoy the further insight into this story that bumped even our presidential election to become the lead story on Nightline last night (which I know, because Kim was getting home around that time and, as you know, insistent upon keeping me awake).

Or just marvel at Marci's wit (she really does write the best Instagram captions of any I've seen) or speculate about what her great idea was. All good here where, as you can see, anything goes.