Why No One Over The Age Of 15 Should Even Attempt To Do Duck-Lips

Oct 19, 2012 at 3:53pm | Leave a comment

This is me genuinely trying, believe it or not, even after coaching
from my gorgeous 13-year-old niece and xoJane's gorgeous Annie K, who
does a version that is more "prune" lips (say the word prune as the
picture is taken) a la Mary Kate and Ashley (incidental name-drop: hi
MK!). Also: Olivia knew a girl in college who would immediately go
into full-on duck lips mode whenever a guy she liked walked into the
room -- you'd have to see Olivia's impression of going in and out of
duck-lips mid-sentence to get the brilliance of this.

ANYWAY, I am on day three of this professional make-up application
(reapplying lipstick) and have fake eyelashes (individuals) left on
just this left eye. When I pull them off, I keep pulling out my actual
lashes. Tips, please? If the tips could not involve a sink or products
and be done in transit while I'm doing other things, that would always
be ideal. If not, the quicker the method the better.

PS My therapist told me today to hug a tree and that seems somehow
related to this. I can't wait to see how Manhattanites will react.

PPS The point was: help taking off fake eyelashes? And how long are
you supposed to leave them on anyway? As many days as they'll last? I
will give you a beauty tip in return! Xo

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