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This has never happened to me before. So much for my knock-off cheapy
(though cool-looking) case. What now? Bonus points for anything that
doesn't require a trip to the Apple store.

Also, do you take care of your things? I always marvel at people whose
shoes look new after months of wearing or whose clothes don't get
stained or who don't lose things. What is up with that? Is that
childhood-trauma-based or what?

I lose everything and always think of it as a lesson in not being
attached to things. I'm sure my employers, who provided me with this
phone, are very thrilled about that.

Speaking of my employers, I had a dream last night starring Dr. Drew
and a fictional sidekick of his named Gary or something and we were
all traveling to England where I was meeting with Chris Martin about a
project and Tyler bumped me up to business class and I found out from
my step-dad after I was already in my seat that the ticket cost an
extra $40,000. It was a nightmare. The end. (Analyses, please? I know
the Dr. Drew part is from my huge jealousy over Mandy's time with --
and hug from -- the man yesterday.)

My thumb feels like it has a glass shard in it. Maybe you aren't
supposed to use the phone in this state? It still works though!
Goooood morning!

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