What The Hell Is Wrong With Me Now?

May 17, 2013 at 4:41pm | Leave a comment

I'm back in NYC (as you can maybe tell) and now this note I wrote
yesterday from Philadelphia is haunting me. I was on a bathroom break
there and emailed Corynne and Lori and probably Emily (good guess
'cause she is the lucky recipient of the vast majority of my emails)
comparing the conference thingy I was attending to an est seminar or
The Forum or something (have you heard of those?).

The conference was super fun and enlightening and gratifying. It just
reminded me of est (which I've never done, but You Know I Would if it
still existed) in that we just got these occasional bathroom breaks
(which was mostly hard for me because it was the only time I was able
to go on my phone or laptop, which reminds me of the time I went to a
spa for a week and the hardest thing, way harder than eliminating
various foods or drinks, was the MEDIA FAST we were put on, Aghhh!).

Okay, back to a subject

I drank a ton of tea and soda the last two days and peed only during
the breaks and these are my current symptoms for you to diagnose (once

Little tiny blood on toilet paper. Burning when I pee. Churning
stomach. Lightheaded and weak. No frequent need to pee though. Is this
a UTI, you think? I've only had one UTI in my life, so I'm not sure.
Oh, and I told you about the peeing because I love to tell you about
my urination (and golden showers comes up as a search term often when
I'm tracking our traffic, but that's another thing) and also because
I'm wondering if holding your pee can cause a UTI? AND if it is a UTI,
natural ways to cure it, my cuties?

I will thank you forever.

PS Still think I don't need that Botox?

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