We Did It!

Mar 14, 2013 at 10:21am | Leave a comment

I fell asleep twice in conversation with Charlotte yesterday (and
conversation with Charlotte = one of my absolute favorite things in
the world). I also fell asleep while writing, while reading and while
eating and once while standing up leaning against a desk. My eyes are
still shutting as I'm typing this (don't you love when your own
writing is putting you to sleep? Not a good sign).

I was on such a hyper roll with xoVain.com launch, straight into the
beginning of my cohosting thing with Mr. Anderson Cooper and then off
to SXSW, getting back late the night of the SXSW speech.

SXSW was amazing because I got to meet so many of you I have raised so
well. You know I was nervous weeks before it, which made me wonder if
the nerves would just build and build or how this was going to work.
But thanks to all your good advice, advice from Michael (here) and my
mom, and MOST ESPECIALLY, incredible planning and brainstorming and
laughing and crying and co-doing-everything with the one and only
Corynne, I wasn't even nervous by the time I got to Austin and could
just have fun.

Then, as always happens with aisle numbers on planes or whatever, I
got to my hotel room and knew it was all good luck. (Do you have a
number or something that means good luck? Mine is 11, sometimes 7, and
sometimes a bird pooping on my head for extra good luck.)

Tell me anything else. I loved meeting you in person so much and want
to know which city we are meeting up in next. ?? Big xo

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