Today In Three Questions For You

May 15, 2013 at 9:28am | Leave a comment

I found a baby halfway hatched bird. Now what do I do?

I'm on my way to a meeting where I have to present a little speech
about the last time I was deeply moved as a woman, including what it
was that moved me and what I learned from it. You know me as well as I
do, so... ideas for what I can talk about?

And how are you this good morning??

PS My sweet friend Courteney Cox was in town last night and I was
leaving for this trip and so we missed each other and that is a
BUMMER, because we don't see each other in person nearly enough. I
love her like a sister. She is an extraordinary person and one of a
kind. Alright, that was unrelated but she is on my mind. Now give me
those speech ideas! The bird I got some good information about and I
will let you know what happens to the little sweetie. Xo

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