Title My Speech? Please

Dec 7, 2012 at 3:17pm | Leave a comment

Here is an assignment that I will love you forever (already do) if you take on:

I am giving a presentation at SXSW in March (my first time ever at the
interactive part of that thing). I am going to talk about something
and show some things and make it very entertaining. (My 8th grade
history teacher called me out for using the word thing too often, btw.
Hello again, sir!) I will likely tell stories from my long work life.

Two questions (I realized while writing this that I have a second,
even more basic, question for you also):

What do I title the thing? As stellar intern Rachel just reminded me,
it is due today and has to be 50 characters or less. Waaah! I am never
that brief -- as you can well see.

And, if you can, here is the more basic question: what should I talk
about? Anything you would care to listen to me go on for an hour
about? I can't imagine.

Big thanks and xo. The person who titles this gets a kiss or something
they want more.

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