The Important Stuff

Mar 7, 2013 at 2:39pm | Leave a comment

Glasses or no glasses when I co-host Anderson Cooper's show, Anderson
Live, tomorrow? (Airing April 15, but feel free to tune in tomorrow
too.) I've never worn glasses on TV before. I can see somewhat better
with them. I have no contacts. What do you think? Don't I look serious
about this question?

Also wondering what to do with Charlotte while I tape the show, as it
is too early to drop her at school. Maybe bring her on with me?
Anyway, I will figure that one out on my own, WMITW-style, if you tell
me what to do about the glasses. (I am trying to be funny sarcastic
about the glasses being more important than Charlotte, but it isn't
coming across. Waaaah.)

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