That Diva Boss Thing I Do

What are you having for lunch?

Apr 18, 2013 at 2:44pm | Leave a comment

I walk out of my office and say to Madeline here (because she will listen and
because she used to be our intern -- can you believe that cuteness? --
who used to go grab us all lunch when we were in heavy-duty start-up
mode with this thing),
"Do you want to order in lunch with me? I'm craving something that
sounds like Morrissey and tastes like the color purple."
Or some variation on that, depending on my daily lunch craving.
Emily says it is my one Diva-ish Editor-In-Chief move.
Okay, so I'm starving right now and craving something Taupe -- if
taupe is like beige -- that reminds me of being 12. What are you
having for lunch today? Ideas for what I could eat?
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