Say Good-bye!

Feb 14, 2013 at 9:56am | Leave a comment

Yep, this is what Tyler and I look like on the way to xoJane HQ each
and every morning.

Nah, it's an old picture but I wanted to give you one perhaps-final
look at Mr. Dorholt, seeing as he is moving on to a great, exciting
new job in just a couple of short weeks.

I will miss him like crazy (and I know some of you will too, ahem).
What is that thing they say about being a parent? That it's the only
job where you train and work with someone and hope they will then not
stick around? That's not it, but it's something like that. Same here.
I am super happy for and proud of people who work with me and then
advance, even when I miss them. (This does not apply to the parenting
analogy, however, as I plan to cut Charlotte's legs off AND make her
an emotional cripple so that she never leaves my side.)

Please wish lively(auto-corrected) Tyler all great things and ask him
to donate a bunch of pictures of himself so we can keep running them
for your viewing pleasure here on a regular basis. And maybe he can
explain what his new job is, because I don't really understand it.

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