Post-Its Are So Powerful (aka My Disrespectful Assistant, Part Infinity)

I'm on deadline for a story and so this is what Tyler does to get me to stop procrastinating. What do you do?

Sep 19, 2012 at 8:35am | Leave a comment

I'm on deadline for a story and so this is what Tyler does to get me to stop procrastinating. My method of procrastination is to answer every single email ever sent to me (have you sweeties -- vivahate and others -- noticed how responsive I've been this morning?), make nitpicky editing suggestions that make Emily wonder what in the hell is wrong with me, and weigh in on every one of your disqus comments, even in conversations where I'm not wanted. Now Tyler will just have to wrestle this phone away from my cold dead hands and chain me to my chair (NOT kinky-style -- I am very professional about which HR debacles I get into) so that I stop running around the office chatting with everyone and kissing Olivia on the head from behind while the poor thing has her headphones on and doesn't even know I'm coming. 

Ok, how long can I keep going here writing to you so I don't have to face this story? How do you all finally get yourselves to do it, whatever it may be? Fellow procrastinators, give me your rituals and tips! Then I'll procrastinate some more by selecting from your comments and choosing one of you to join our editorial call today at 2:00. It will be a fun one. We are all a little crazy today (and every day).


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